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      What Does it Take to Operate a Sports Bar & Grill?

      Shoot for the dream, score the goal. Dream of leaving the desk job and opening up a sports bar? Spend your day hosting the city to see their favourite game with their classic bar and grill food favourites.  Entering the sports bar industry is a profitable way to spend your days in a lively atmosphere. The food services industry in Canada, is constantly growing, increasing to $75 Billion in 2018. Specializing in the field of sports food promotes profitable outcomes since there are year round sports games that consumers seek to watch outside of their homes. When acquiring a sports bar as a franchise, you obtain all the necessary support to launch your business. With that being said, you must also prepare yourself for all that is to come with your own sports bar and grill.

      Consider these insider tips to help you score the best sports bar and grill in town!


      1) Passion

      Successful sports bar and grill owners are passionate about what they do, they seek to make their clients happy. Passion is considered to be one of the most effective motivators used to launch a business. Launching a business can be strenuous and intimidating but with enough motivating passion and the aid of an established brand and franchise, you’re on the right path to success.


      2) Support From the Franchisor

      Launching a new business, especially in this industry, can be quite tedious and difficult without sufficient support. Fortunately, by obtaining a franchise you also acquire the necessary support and training to successfully start and grow your business. A franchise allows an individual the independence to run their business and provides them with an established reputation, training and knowledge. In such a competitive industry, your brand reputation is everything. A study conducted by NBC  proves that consumers prefer to eat at brands they trust and recognize. “Consumers want to trust their local grill and restaurant and be assured of its quality. I know that chain restaurants all have the same protocol and pricing so I won’t be surprised when going to a different location, It’s comfortable and well known. It’s also great because I know that they’ll have the same offerings everywhere”, said one of the participants of the study.


      3) Entertainment Equipment

      “Let’s kick back & have some beers at the grill?” Is the common invite for the Saturday night sports game. In order to be a lucrative sports bar and grill you need to have the proper equipment to provide this form of entertainment. Luckily, being a franchisee ensures that you are given the proper guidelines to succeed. To ensure high profits and a large clientele during sports games, it is important to have the perfect entertainment system, with large TV screens and top quality audio speakers. A proper viewing layout is imperative for a bar’s success because it maximizes the amount of people who can view the game.


      4) Location

      Prospective sports bar/ restaurant owners need to take into account the importance and value that is derived from the location of their business venture. A prime location has many advantages for a sports bar and grill, such as great visibility, organic consumer traffic and accessibility. As an individual restaurant, it is an arduous task to find the perfect location. This is one of the biggest advantages of being a franchisee, your franchisor works with you to find a prime location. Through their acquired knowledge and experience, they have the connections and ability to seek out an ideal location which will maximize your profits.


      5) A Well Curated Menu

      Nothing pairs better with the playoffs than wings, beer and the sports bar classics. There is a certain ambiance and image surrounding sports bars and grills and consumers know what they want to eat before they even step foot into the location. It is important to have a balance between variety and a small menu, as serving too many different kinds of food can increase overall food costs and cut into profit margins. The benefit of working as a franchise is that you acquire the pre-established menu. This is a recognized menu that consumers trust, know of and are willing to come in and order.


      Owning a sports bar and grill comes with a liability but also encompasses many fun advantages. Being aware of these points will help you launch your franchised sports bar and grill with ease. Thanks to a pre-established clientele, a prime location and the support from the franchisor, you’re set to knock it out of the park.