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      5 Reasons To Invest In A Food Franchise In Canada

      Becoming a franchisee in Canada can be a lucrative and rewarding experience. The market is ripe for success, and Canadians love to eat out on a fairly consistent basis. Opening a food franchise means catering to a wide assortment of people, regardless of their background.

      When marketed and managed correctly, it can turn into a terrific business opportunity! Here’s 5 reasons why you should consider investing in a food franchise in Canada.

      #5) Diversity And Fun

      Canada is swiftly turning into quite a diverse country, with expats from a number of countries making a home here and enjoying everything the country has to offer. That includes a wide variety of restaurant choices and menu items. In fact, restaurants comprise the top three franchises in Canada, proving that there’s a viable and sustainable market to dive into.

      Whether it’s a bustling city location or a small town chain, Canadians like to eat out, especially on the weekend. If you’ve situated your franchise correctly and managed to get the word out, you’ll enjoy repeat business from traveling visitors, as well as the local population.

      #4) The Digital Age

      These days, restaurants have a ton of wealth-building options available to them in the form of extra customer perks and services. The digital age has given rise to several methods by which restaurants can maximize profit by offering in-house takeout options, or via third party apps such as Uber Eats.

      By leveraging these platforms to your advantage, you can increase your revenue stream by offering your customers convenience on their terms. It’s a win/win! Alternatively, you can plunk a nice amount of cash on bolstering your social media presence and SEO in order to make it easier for more customers to find you, while encouraging them to leave online reviews on popular sites like Google or Yelp. Word of mouth is the strongest advertising a food franchise can take advantage of.

      #3) Spoiled For Choice

      No matter which food franchise you’re interested in, you won’t lack for choice! With such a diverse array of food items to choose from, you can pick the one that best suits your personal style and go from there. If your target area has already been saturated by popular franchises, you can choose one that offers a completely different menu, which gives customers another option.

      Canadians love to try new food choices, which means although they’re likely to go back to their favorite food franchise, they’re not adverse to switching things up! It could be just the opportunity you need to develop an entirely new customer base that grows as the news begins to spread.

      #2) Easy To Market

      Canadians tend to be quite easy going and receptive, which means a fun and engaging marketing campaign will likely entice them to come investigate what kind of food you’re serving.

      Marketing a food franchise in Canada is very straightforward, and doesn’t require the same kind of precision when narrowing down target demographics. If your franchise is in a good location and it’s serving great food, then the occasional shout-out is all that’s required to keep the momentum going.

      #1) Customers Are Easy To Keep

      The only thing stopping a food franchise from achieving success, is the franchisee him or herself. The proverbial sky’s the limit, provided you’re dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s.

      Once more, it pays to remember that a food franchise’s livelihood and success depends on the quality of the food. Maintain high standards, show your enthusiasm, and make your customers feel welcome inside a warm environment. The news will spread, and you’ll be in a great position to grow your business, and prepare for the day when it’s time to open a second location!

      For more information on franchising opportunities at St. Louis, we recommend you visit our franchise section here. We’re always available to answer your questions!