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      What To Look For In A General Manager For Your Franchise

      The day may come when you’ll have to turn the day-to-day operations of your franchise over to someone else. Perhaps you’ll have opened another location, or you merely want to take a step back and govern from a distance. Either way, you’re going to want to choose the right General Manager for the job. Today we’re going to examine a few things to remember when selecting your prime candidate for General Manager, which will help set a precedent for future growth.


      #5) They Can Solve Problems

      Unexpected issues are going to arise when you’re running a franchise, and the way you deal with them determines how you’ll grow and move forward. Same goes for a General Manager. Many people either want the job, or believe they’re the perfect fit, but the reality is that only a select few will really be ready to tackle the challenges associated with the position.

      A good General Manager sees every problem as a logistical challenge with an answer. Sometimes, that means coming up with one on the fly so that operations aren’t held up, which can cost you money. This could include anything, from an irritated customer to an out of stock item for your restaurant franchise, and everything in between. The right General Manager knows that panic is never an option. Instead, exercising a little common sense and ingenuity can go a long way to keeping the wheels turning, and everyone happy.


      #4) They Are Ready To Take Responsibility

      Any business owner will tell you that the failure of employees is usually a failure of management, which in turn is a failure of the owner. This is a truthful statement, and a good General Manager knows it, as well. He or she will accept responsibility for the day-to-day duties of a franchise, and make sure everyone is on time, on track, and performing to the best of their abilities. If there’s a flaw in the workflow, the G.M. must rectify the issue as quickly as possible to maintain the precedent.

      A bad General Manager will immediately (and unfailingly) pin the problems or failures of a business on their staff. This is them shirking responsibility, instead of embracing it. A good General Manager knows that a well-run franchise is reflective not only of the owner, but themselves as well. Those who take pride in their work often stand in the best light, and serve as inspiration and motivation for others.


      #3) They Know How To Deal With Conflict

      Being a Manager of any type is often seen as a status symbol with prestige attached to it. While it can indeed be rewarding, it’s far from a cakewalk. A General Manager has a lot more to take on, and that includes conflicts between staff members, or staff and customers. It could even mean direct confrontation with management, itself.

      The right General Manager is 50% diplomat, and 50% John Wayne. That is to say, they should be willing to listen to concerns, and be able to lay down the law if required. A rightfully upset customer will need to feel they’re being listened to, in order to de-escalate the situation and come to a positive resolution. On the other hand, a belligerent and problematic customer may need to be shown the door with unwavering firmness. The same goes for staff, as well. At all times, a General Manager should be professional, straightforward and flexible in how they deal with conflict situations.


      #2) They Are Willing To Muck In

      The British use the phrase “muck in” to describe anyone willing to get deep into the hard work with the rest of the staff, and this is not a bad thing. In fact, it can create strong bridges between management and staff, and pave the way for a better team.

      A good General Manager knows how to maintain a franchise’s operations and keep things running smoothly. A great General Manager knows that sometimes they must roll up their sleeves and get in on the action, as well. If there’s a crisis situation such as flooding, or the staff is unexpectedly short-handed on a given day, a General Manager may find him or herself in a position to help out. The only pride that has a place in business is pride in one’s work. Swallow the rest, and lend a helping hand. The results will speak for themselves.


      #1) They Believe In Your Franchise Just As Much As You Do

      The best General Managers know that they are the face of the company, in your absence. While you may be the one showing up to address staff, and meet with prospective business partners and media outlets, they are the ones who are keeping your franchise name polished and buffed to a sheen, every single day.

      A great General Manager wants your franchise to succeed. It’s a stepping stone in their career, just as it benefits your franchise portfolio. Their professionalism, ingenuity and problem solving skills will take a load of stress off of you, so that you can focus on other things, such as opening up your next franchise location!

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