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      St. Louis Bar & Grill launches Wingsanity

      St. Louis Bar & Grill prepares for the biggest chicken wing-eating event of the year!

      It only happens once a year!

      St. Louis Bar & Grill and its 62 locations prepare for our biggest chicken wing-eating event of the year, Wingsanity. Starting on May 31st, guests can enjoy ALL YOU CAN EAT WINGS for only 19.99. With a choice of original wings, dusted wings or boneless and over 25 different sauce flavours, this is something no wing lover can afford to miss. Plus! Our wings always come with our signature golden fries.

      This event was specially created for St. Louis Wings fanatics and happens once every year. If you haven’t tried their wings, now is the time, patios are open and they are also offering 23oz. devil’s pints of Belgian Moon for $6.99. Wingsanity is on until June 30th. Over 62 locations in Canada, visit to find your nearest location.

      About St. Louis Bar & Grill

      St. Louis Bar & Grill is a 100 percent Canadian owned and operated casual dining restaurant chain that has served its famous signature chicken wings since opening its first location in 1992. Now with more than 60 restaurants, serving 2.2 million pounds of wings each year, St. Louis Bar & Grill is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario where it has been voted favourite wing spot for the past six consecutive years. With a diverse menu, over 25 different sauces, a mix of family and bar seating, and large summer patios, St. Louis Bar & Grill has something to offer every wing lover. St. Louis Bar & Grill proudly supports Autism Awareness, promoting acceptance through education and has raised more than $1 million for the cause.